About Us

Arshbir Advisory Solution Pvt. Ltd. provides an advisory relationship of experienced Financial Planners that mirrors the strength and stability of our namesake that gives only positive energy for wealth and prosperity.

We simplify the complexities of wealth in order to enhance the quality of your life, time and resources.

We are uniquely qualified to provide expert, objective advice and personalized strategies to improve the effectiveness of your financial resources in meeting your goals and dreams. Our experienced team with a combined experience of more than 30 years will help you protect, grow and transfer your wealth.

Mr. Satbir Singh

Founder and CEO

Arshbir Advisory Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

About Director

Mr. Satbir Singh has over 20 years of experience in Corporate Benefits and Private Wealth Management. He has held various senior management positions within the insurance broking sector including sales, marketing, operations and general management. He formed a company " Arshbir Advisory Solution Pvt. Ltd." in the year of 2017 with the vision to provide world class services under one roof. He is also a member of many financial planing firms.

With the complexity of life with day-to-day work we often forgot our responsibilities towards our spouse, parents or children. Here in Citrine we care for you and your family.

Philosophy –

Our Beliefs

  • Active diversification among asset classes based on relative valuation increases the probability of success.
  • Holistic planning along the entire wealth-planning spectrum increases the financial well being of our clients exponentially.
  • Properly researched, selected and monitored active managers can and do add value to investment portfolios.
  • While it is true that many of active managers under perform the market, skill and sound processes exist to help find the few that out perform the market.
  • That tax avoidance causes more bad investment decisions than any other cause.
  • For most individuals, their emotions overrule logic when it comes to investing.
  • Most people have unrealistic ideas of how much it will take to be financially independent.
  • Reducing the layers of investment costs will improve investment results.
  • Planning should serve the values and purposes of the client, not the tax code.
  • Money is a much better tool than a weapon.

How We Are Different

Values-Based Planning
Team Based Service Model
Asset Monitoring
Referral Based

Quick Contact

Branch Office : L-218 , Dumraon Place , Fraser Road ,Patna-800001 (Bihar)

Head Office : # 202, Rajendra Enclave, Back of Shashi Complex, Exhibition Road, Patna-800001 (Bihar)

Mobile: +91- 93341-10497 , 87890-62767

Email: satbir73.lic@gmail.com